If you're a news publisher with a website, you can receive contributions from 4th Hero.

How it works

Heroes save the journalism that matters to them, financially supporting the best journalism they can find. Every month we pay out to publishers that have received contributions, and reach out to publishers that we don't know yet.

When we pay publishers, we charge a percentage of the amount paid out. This percentage starts at 20%, but there are a few ways to get that amount reduced.

What you can do

Quality content

The most effective way to drive 4th Hero revenue is to deliver quality journalism. We've found that Heroes are most likely to support investigative journalism, reporting that's unique either in subject or perspective, and content that teaches them about an issue they didn't know about or understand.

Drive New Users

Add a link and a call to action on your site. Readers that find out about us through your site are much more likely to save your articles.

Support us with 4th Hero
Additionally, when you drive new users we'll give you a credit equal to their monthly contribution.

Give Back

If you're willing to give something back to Heroes as a thank you, we'll reduce the percent that we charge you on an ongoing basis. Some options include not hassling ad-blocker users, dropping ads and trackers altogether, relaxing or lifting a paywall, or giving Heroes badging in your comment system. This is a more advanced option that requires some API integration, which we're happy to help with.

Getting Started

Before we can pay you, we need a contact person at your organization. To get started on our validation process, email

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