Privacy Policy

Last updated: 10/16/2018

Here’s the information that we collect and store today:

  • Your email address
  • The urls of articles that you save
  • Your payment history, if any
  • What site (if any) linked you to when you created your account
  • What platforms you use to save articles (iOS, Android, Chrome)

As of today, we don’t share any information connected with your email address. When we pay publishers, we show them the amount that they made in a given month on a per-article basis, however we don’t share a breakdown of contributions. We will only share the emails of the contributors who've given us explicit permission on their profile page. We don't sell tracking data to any party, and we have no plans to do so. We use Google Analytics, and we also send conversion tracking events to advertising platforms where 4th Hero is the advertiser.

If you created your account after clicking on a link somewhere else on the web, we do save that information to your account. This is part of a referral program, and it lets us reward publishers who help us find new users. We never share any personal information about referred users back to the referrer - just anonymous stats.

Through our current billing system, we receive whatever email address you provide to the payment processor, however we never save that to our databases and we’ll only ever send emails to the address you registered with us. We can also look up the last 4 digits of the credit card that you’ve registered with our payment processor, but we do not save that data to our databases.

In the near future, we may add some tracking to monitor crashes and app performance. We may use your email address for marketing purposes - and here’s how: some ad networks let you upload email addresses of current users for the purposes of advertising to users who are similar to them in some respects. For instance, Facebook has a service called “Lookalike Audiences” which we may use. This sharing of information is intended to find new users like you, as opposed to sending any marketing to you.

We may use or share data in an anonymous way - for instance we may tweet out articles that are being saved by many users, and we share a feed of the top saved articles across all users. You may have saved the article that we're tweeting about or show on the feed, but we won't ever connect that information with your email address. If you explicitly opt-in on the profile page, we may add your Twitter handle to the tweet.

We may reshare or link to public use of our product - for instance, if you tweet our "I saved this article with 4th Hero", we may retweet it. We won't use any social media for paid advertisements without asking permission first.

We’ll never sell your information to marketers.

If you install our Chrome extension, we request permissions that allow us to see the url of your current tab. Our extension does not passively monitor all of your browsing - we only see the urls that you save. To be more transparent about this we're in the process of open sourcing 4th Hero for Chrome.

We store this data forever. If you want us to delete your personal data, send us an email from that account and we'll do so.

This policy may change over time. If we make changes to how we handle or share your data with third parties, we’ll publish the changes here at least 14 days before the new policy goes into effect.

Finally - this entire policy is best effort. We work really hard to keep your data safe, storing it in an anonymous way wherever possible, but data breaches do happen. While we work hard to prevent this, any information that we collect could be inadvertently shared with third parties. We strive to collect as little information about you as we can to avoid this risk.

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