You, hero that you are, want to support the journalism you consume online. Great! Decide how much you'd like to contribute each month - as little as $5 - and install our app.

Saving Articles

Whenever you read something online that you want to support, click the share button and send that article to 4th Hero. Select your platform below for detailed instructions:

That’s it! When we charge you, those funds are divided between the publishers of the articles that you saved.

What if the publisher that I try to save isn’t on 4th Hero yet?

That’s okay - you can save articles from any publisher. We keep track of how much money we owe each publisher, and when they sign up we give them whatever money we have for them. After that, we pay them regularly.

What if I forget to save any articles?

If you don't save any articles, we won't charge you. Instead we'll push your billing date out for a month. If you start saving articles again, we'll pick up where we left off.

What do I get in return?

When we pay publishers, they receive a breakdown of how much money was contributed to each article. By contributing to the articles that you care about, you're saying very loudly what kind of journalism is important to you, and what kind of journalism they'll be rewarded for producing. For a longer answer, check out the Why section.

How does 4th Hero make money?

We pay out publishers monthly. For publishers who've accrued more than $100 , we charge a 20% processing fee. If we've collected less than $100 for the publisher, we don't charge them anything. For publishers who are regularly earning more than $100/mo, we offer a number of options to reduce that percentage, such as passing benefits on to Heroes. We also have a referral program by which publishers can earn credit for bringing in new Heroes, which can reduce their fee to zero.

To date we’ve taken no investment, and are working off personal savings: the goal of this project is to deliver as much money to journalistic publications as possible.

What platforms are 4th Hero on?

Currently we're on iPhone and Android. We also have a Chrome Extension, which lets you save articles from your desktop/laptop browser. iPad support coming soon.

How does billing work?

You set a billing amount and add a credit card, and we charge that card once a month. Whenever we charge your card, each article you've saved in the past month gets a share of that contribution. You can cancel payments or change that amount at any time. For other related, check out our Billing Questions page.

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