Billing Questions

Here are the answers to some nittier-grittier billing questions.


When you set up your billing amount and add a credit card, we schedule a recurring monthly payment, starting next month. When we charge your card, any articles that you've saved over the last month gets a share of your contribution. The exact dollar amount is determined by splitting your contribution across the articles that you saved from each publisher, minus the amount that we pay our payment proccessor.

What if I really like one article?

You can save the same article as many times as you'd like. If you save an article twice, it gets twice as much as an article that you saved once.

What happens if I forget to save any articles?

If your next billing date occurs and you haven't saved any articles, we skip that billing month.

What if I'm the first person to save a particular publisher?

That's okay! Any saved articles get a share of your contribution, and we pay that publisher as soon as they sign up. We proactively reach out to publishers who we've collected money for.

Are there sites that I can't save? What happens if I try?

There are - you can't save a Reddit post, for instance. That's because Reddit is a platform rather than a publisher, and we assume that what you mean to do is contribute to the creator. Right now we don't have a way to do that, so saving Reddit posts is disabled. If you do save a Reddit post, at the end of the month it'll get pulled out of your contributions and the rest of your saved articles will get a bigger share. If you only saved Reddit posts, you won't get billed next month and your contribution will roll forward.

If we figure out a way to pay Reddit and have that money distributed among the users responsible for the content, we'll open up contributions there. The same goes for other platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

If we disable a publisher after it's received contributions, we'll add those contributions back to your next month.

We reserve the right to disable payments to any publisher for any reason. We'll only do this in extreme situations, such as where a publisher is found to be predominantly fraudulent or whose purpose is to incite violence.

What if you close 4th Hero down?

In the unlikely and unfortunate event that we close 4th Hero down, we'll refund any remaining funds that we've collected. This money will be contributions that were allocated to publishers who never registered with 4th Hero. Note that this is net the money we have to pay our payment processor.

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